Planet Zoom 3D

Planet Zoom 3D is a steampunk side scrolling platform/puzzle/maze game!

The player plays the role of Slim Boy and drives a steam tank in a lot of cubes worlds.

Slim Boy’s girlfriend has been kidnapped by the Evil Robot!
The mission is to save the girl, but the Evil Robot runs away each time you find him!
Slim Boy must follow Evil Robot and the girl from level to level avoiding traps and pitfalls.

The tank can walk on ceilings thanks to an anti-gravity field.
Slim boy can activate the field at any time.

The tank can also shoot explosive bullets and anti-gravity bullets.
The anti-gravity bullet gives the field to other objects that fly against the ceiling.

There are a lot of:
– enemy turrets
– rockets
– boxes
– mines
– fires
– explosive barrels
– poisonous gas…

But also a ton of:
– coins
– protective shields
– lives
– mega bullets
– treasures…

There will be many tanks to choose from, each one upgradeable.

Accept the challenge and save the wonderful girl!!!
It’s the Slim Boy’s mission, it’s your mission!!